Analyze your table tennis training from our app with record feature

One of the disadvantages of using a Table Tennis Robot is that if you are not careful, you tend to start developing techniques that are not optimal. The suggestion to avoid technique issue is to either use a robot while a coach is watching or record yourself and analyze the video.

When we wanted to record our play, we had to do the following, Select drill combination, start drill, open camera app and press record, play the drill and end stop recording and watch the video and then go back to the app to start the cycle. This process was cumbersome, and we would not record as much as we would like as we wanted to focus on the play.

We added recording as a part of the drill, Now the process is, Select drill combination, click on the option to record, and this opens the camera, place it where its convenient and start the drill. The recording is done and stops when the exercise is complete and saves the video.  As well as allows you to watch the video from within the app.

We don't have any excuses not to record now :-). Here's a video of this process. Stay tuned in the following days for more features added to the app.

Record your play from the pongfox app.