Moving from raspberry to microcontroller

A lot has happened over the last few months. We have made lots of progress. We will make sure that we update our progress more frequently from now onwards.

The first version of the Table Tennis Robot we developed was in raspberry pi, and we shipped it to our early users.  There were a few issues that came up, and we started fixing them.

We soon had to move away from the raspberry pi to the micro-controller due to the following reasons.


One of our original goals was to make the product affordable to a large number of users. We had to change a few electronic components like drivers and motors. This change increased our cost to manufacture. We thought about reducing price, and one of the things that we could do was by moving away from raspberry pi.

SD Card failure

We had one robot that failed due to SD card corruption. SD card failure is a common complaint with the pi's, and this influenced our decision to move to microcontroller which does not have this issue. We now have a version that runs on a microcontroller, and the connection is from an app through Bluetooth.

More updates to follow.