Smarter Training, Better Results: Table Tennis Meets ChatGPT for Success

Finding good coaches in any sport is hard, and it is more challenging in Table tennis because most coaches do this part-time. While technology has been steadily helping the coaches in some aspects, like managing clubs and recording and analyzing matches, there still needs to be a gap in everyday training as it involves motor skills.

Integration with ChatGPT

Many companies focusing on education are using AI to teach students. There are a few examples (given below).

But why limit its potential to just academics? It can transform sports too. That's why we've started working on integrating the AI model ChatGPT with PongFox for table tennis.

With endless possibilities, coaches can communicate their desired drills to the system (this is what they do with assistant coaches), and the robots will execute them.

Another aspect that can help the coaches is the AI system recommends various drills based on what the coach plans to train the students on. This makes the session more exciting and engaging for students.

From a student's perspective, training at home is more straightforward. They can let the AI coach know how long they want to train and what aspect of their game they want to improve, and the PongFox AI system gives them the session plan. The student does not have to remember and spend time choosing the numerous drills.

This innovation can extend to provide players with personalized feedback based on their questions.

Let's reimagine sports training with the power of AI.

Examples of education companies using AI:

Khan Academy's "Khanmigo" offers tutoring, lesson planning, and real-time coding feedback.
Chegg's "Cheggmate" provides real-time homework help and adaptive tutoring.
Duolingo's "Duolingo Max" supports language learners through speaking practice and lesson assistance.
Coursera's "Coursera Coach" empowers learners with virtual coaching, feedback, and lecture summaries.
Quizlet's "Q-Chat" generates customized flashcards, quizzes, and exercises based on individual comprehension.