TT Robot new features added

We test a lot of things in-house, but when we give out the table tennis robot to our customers, there are a lot of things we learn, and many issues come up.
We have fixed a few bugs in the robot firmware. Thanks to our customers for valuable feedback.

Pre-programmed drills

We have started adding pre-programmed drills in the app, and the user can choose that and start playing the exercises. There is a video that shows the demo of the drill.

pause after a drill cycle

When doing a five ball drill, the users wanted to pause the exercise for some seconds before starting the next set. This is particularly useful when the drill starts with a service, the player gets a chance to get ready for the service as in during an actual match. This feature is available as an option on the drill page.

Sample Stroke

Each user has a particular option on how a specific stroke is delivered.
When a user wants to modify a stroke, he changes the motor values.

When adding a new stroke, the user keeps modifying the motor values to get the correct stroke.  We have added a sample button when we change a stroke value, and this feature helps the user try out a sample of two balls to the middle and adjust as required.

UI changes

The frequency and level input in the drill page is displayed as a slider instead of radio buttons