What is a smart ping pong Robot

Searching for What is a smart robot gives us this answer.

"A smart robot is an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can learn from its environment and its experience and build on its capabilities based on that knowledge. Smart robots can collaborate with humans, working along-side them, and learning from their behavior."

So what is a "Smart Table tennis Robot."? Does controlling a robot with a smartphone be defined as a smart robot?

We have done some work on AI in Table tennis.

Based on our understanding of this subject and considering the above points a smart robot is one which can benefit a human today should probably have these features

  • Easy to follow a schedule
  • Recommendation based on what you have to practice (example drills for movement or forehand topspin)
  • Record a video of you playing and upload it for review/feedback
  • A coach can remotely monitor and suggest drills

These are some of the reasons why we decided to go with a  computer onboard.  The micro-controller is what is being used by all available robots in the market today.

While this is not a debate about the advantages or disadvantages of going with a micro-controller vs. a computer as each has its benefits.

We decided to go with a computer to add features that will be useful for a player and in some cases the player might add features to the robot.