Prasad K

The quality of serves, shots and spins that come from PongFox are as good as any other robot at 4 times the cost of this one. For the price, it is undoubtedly the best robot available.

Ravindra Hemmad

PongFox has given us a Robot that has the features of advance Robots from famous brands for a fraction of their cost. It's a fantastic addition to any club or player who can maximize their skills in the shortest of time possible!!

Harish Seshadri

One of the most useful features is its ability to generate slow topspin. This is something that even good club players can't do consistently. So if you want to learn to block topspins (and many other strokes, of course) go for the Pongfox.


I've seen an improvement in some of my strokes that I was lacking earlier...I can now play with more confidence.

V Rakesh

Eliminating the dependency of coach and playing partners

Vijay Kini

My daughter has improved her foot work significantly


* Awesome Partner to play with.
* Helps me maintain my fitness.
* Able to master my strokes and learn new strokes as well.
* Game oriented drills helps to prepare for tournaments

Pragya Nalawade

My top spin shot was not correct and for a long time I was struggling for it. With the help of PongFox Robot I corrected my shot in great extend.


Consistency on landing the balls and playing back hand top spin. PongFox has helped me to overcome these 2 issues. Thankyou PongFox.

Nitin Tiwari

Helped me to be practice and is wonderful practice partner. It has all the necessary features that we need.


My backhand has improved

A Srikar Chowdhary

Improved my consistency

Anil Chauhan

Improving basic skills


Helps to master strokes that are new to us.

kantharaj k s

Improved foot work and playing abilities