PongFox simulates real game-like situations, shoots all kinds of spins, offers endless customizations, and can be used by players of all levels. It offers all this in an extremely portable design at a fraction of the cost of similar high-end table tennis robots.

Mobile App

Adjust and control everything from the palm of your hands

Intelligent Sensor

Calibrates and controls the ball like a real player, consistently

Record Your Plays

Assess your moves and fix your mistakes by recording your plays using the app. No other robot on the market does this!

Holds Up To 100 balls

No more constant refilling

5 Ball Drills

Use match-specific drills to ace your counters

Random Drills

Unpredictable and challenging, just like a real player

Infinitely Adjustable

Control the direction, spin, and trajectory. PongFox is like the training partner you wish you had!

Drill Library

The only table tennis ball machine on the market that lets you run a set of drills from a vast library of system-generated presets and user-created drills.

Easy-to-follow Demos

Our demonstration videos simplify all the preset drills so you can start practicing in no time


Your ultimate table tennis practice partner is ready in under 5 minutes.

connect device
01 line-1-2

Connect your phone

Turn on Bluetooth and use the PongFox Table Tennis app to connect your Smartphone to the robot.

Pick your settings

Choose from a wide range of drills or create your own for the perfect multi-drill practice session.

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configure it
yay done

Start playing

That’s it. You can now start playing and recording yourself too!

Download the App Today.

Connect PongFox Robot to your IOS or Android devices using Bluetooth to start practicing today. Use the app to choose drills, customize them and adjust your robot.

Drill for advanced players with TT Robot

Short backspin serve to forehand, slow counter to backhand and counter to forehand.

App Demo

Setup drills and play.

PongFox Robot at Club

Any age or any level can enjoy.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Continued development
Future Enhancement

Remote Coach Interface

November 2020

Shipping globally

September 2020

Shipping all over India

August 2019

Shipping Locally in Bangalore

mar 2019

Base model - Alpha test success

oct 2018

Prototype & Testing

October 2018

Research and Development



Don’t take our word, see what our users says about the robot.

Prasad K

The quality of serves, shots and spins that come from PongFox are as good as any other robot at 4 times the cost of this one. For the price, it is undoubtedly the best robot available.

Ravindra Hemmad

PongFox has given us a Robot that has the features of advance Robots from famous brands for a fraction of their cost. It's a fantastic addition to any club or player who can maximize their skills in the shortest of time possible!!

Harish Seshadri

One of the most useful features is its ability to generate slow topspin. This is something that even good club players can't do consistently. So if you want to learn to block topspins (and many other strokes, of course) go for the Pongfox.

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PongFox Robot

A three headed smart Table Tennis Robot, controlled from a mobile app.

Only Robot:

₹65,000₹60,000 7.5% off

$750 Outside India

Robot with SmartPad:

₹80,000₹72,000 10% off

$900 Outside India

** Additional Shipping Fees