PongFox table tennis robot

Some of the main features of this Robot are
Recording the Drill
Three head for any type of spin
Hold 100+ TT Balls
Fully programmable
Connect via Bluetooth
Laser cut and 3D printed parts which can be easily replacable


Available spins

Available shot selection

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how does the Ping Pong Robot work

Everybody loves Table tennis Ball Machines, But our’s is different. Here is how it works.

Connect Device

Connect to the device using our PongFox app .

Configure it

Pick the drill from pre-programmed drills or customize the drill as required.

Yay! Done.

Start the drill and play.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is a Table Tennis Ball Machine ? How does it work?

You fill the robot (ball machine) with a bunch of table tennis balls. Connect to it from our app. Use drill's to throw the ball at different locations on the table with varied speed and spin. Table Tennis Bot is used by table tennis players to practice when they have no partners or they want to improve a particular stroke

How is the robot made?

We have used easily available parts that are available or can be 3d printed and laser cut, any user should be able to replace parts easily and even program it for their case if they want to extend it


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Continued development
October 2020

Model 2 development

September 2020

Shipping globally

July 2020

Shipping all over India

September 2019

Shipping Locally in Bangalore

mar 2019

Base model - Alpha test success

oct 2018

Prototype & Testing

October 2018

Research and Development


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PongFox Table Tennis Robot

Launch Edition


₹ 40,000 ($530) taxes extra

A three headed smart Table Tennis Robot, controlled from a mobile app.