PongFox the ping pong ball machine

The PongFox has all the features of high-end table tennis robots, but with a budget-friendly price. It has been designed to be user-friendly for players at all levels.

Mobile App

App based control via Bluetooth.


Use of sensors for precise ball control.

Recording Play

The only ping pong robot in the market with the ability to record play from within the app.

Ball Capacity

Holds 75 + balls.

5 ball drill

Ability to program any combination of a 5 ball drill.

Random Drill

Random drill feature, to simulate real matches.

Easy Adjustments

Independent adjustment of all motors and ball trajectory.

Drill Library

The only robot in the market with the ability to run a set of drills. The user can select preset and user-defined drills from the Drill Library.

Demo Videos

Preset drills come with demonstration videos.

how pongfox works

Everybody loves Table Tennis Ball Machines, but our’s is different. Here is how PongFox works.

connect device
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Connect Device

Connecting to the Robot is done using either our PongFox Table Tennis iOS or Android App. You connect via Bluetooth.

Configure it

Pick from pre-programmed drills from the library or customize a drill. You can pick a session to workout with, which has a combination of various drills. If required you can also customize a stroke.

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configure it
yay done

Yay! Done.

You can select 'Start Drill' to start playing or 'Play and Record' to record while you play. It's that simple!

Mobile App for PongFox Robot

The robot connects to your iPhone and Android devices using Bluetooth. Customize your drills using the app.

Drill for advanced players with TT Robot

Short backspin serve to forehand, slow counter to backhand and counter to forehand.

App Demo

Setup drills and play.

PongFox Robot at Club

Any age or any level can enjoy.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Continued development
December 2020

Remote Coach Interface

November 2020

Shipping globally

September 2020

Shipping all over India

August 2019

Shipping Locally in Bangalore

mar 2019

Base model - Alpha test success

oct 2018

Prototype & Testing

October 2018

Research and Development


PongFox Robot

Launch Edition


₹ 38,000 ($499) Only a few left at this price.

** taxes & shipping extra

A three headed smart Table Tennis Robot, controlled from a mobile app.